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13 February 1978
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Having grown up in a log cabin which suspiciously resembled a far more urban residence, I am now taller. Somewhat. Since becoming taller I have engaged in endless self-indulgent analysis, commentary, and theorizing - some of which you now enable by visiting me here. I have also carefully looked in all of the shelves I couldn't reach before. Even if I had to climb on the counter. Don't look at me like that.

My search for meaningful occupation has currently led me to Washington State, in which I am residing for a year while employed by VISTA AmeriCorps (resembles the non-international Peace Corps). Rumors regarding my death, marriage, broken limbs, alien baby, and/or new appendages have been greatly exaggerated, or certainly should have been by now. I mean, c'mon, I thought you folks were my friends. Get cracking, already.